XXL pots have arrived

If you have a large plant that needs stability or you want to add some flair to your garden, patio or greenhouse you can't go past the XXL Autopot self-watering range. We are lucky to have been able to secure some of these for the NZ market. Stock is limited so be in quick.

Pushing the boundaries of module scale with AutoPot to the limit, XXL propels you into a new world of horticultural possibility, backed with technology that’s proven to make the wildest, most fruitful plants a reality.

As with all AutoPot Watering Systems, XXL operates without the need for running water, and without pumps or computers to maintain. Immense savings in time, money, and ecology obviously play right into the hands of discerning growers. We’ve also considered the needs of growers in the enhancement of growth rates with XXL.

Unlike most supermassive black holes, the gargantuan interior of a 35L / 9 gal or 50L / 13 gal FlexiPot actually speeds up time! These fabric pots allow growers to rapidly produce even larger plants than they might otherwise see in equivalent sized plastic pots. Air-pruning, facilitated by the porous pot sidewalls, eliminates root circling and creates a root structure which is vastly superior in feeding your plants. The same pot porosity increases oxygen exchange in the substrate – supercharging growth.

Handily the same module tray serves both XXL35 and XXL50. When using 35L / 9 gallon pots an adaptive collar is simply fitted to protect water and nutrient solution in the tray from the effects of light, algae, debris, and evaporation. Growing al fresco? No problemo! Aware that many growers cultivating plants on this scale might wish to do so outdoors, we’ve machined the module tray to feature a removable blanking grommet to allow for overflow protection.

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