Easy2Go - Holiday watering

Turn any gardening tray into an AutoPot System! By incorporating the AQUAvalve, the easy2GO Kit will keep your plants automatically irrigated using a simple flatbased tray and reservoir. The easy2GO Kit is placed directly onto the tray along with your potted plants and distributes water to the pots from below. Ideal for growers looking to use very large pots or simply keep multiple smaller pots irrigated in one tray. Multiple kits can be linked together from a single reservoir to keep larger volumes of plants watered and the easy2GO Kit can be installed anywhere; in your home, greenhouse, conservatory or balcony. Going on holiday? The easy2GO Kit is the ultimate watering kit for happy, healthy plants. Unlike other holiday watering kits, the easy2GO Kit provides optimum levels of water to meet the plants requirements - without the need for timers or electricity - ensuring you return from holiday to plants that are thriving. This inexpensive, flexible system can be assembled in minutes and contains all fittings required to connect to a reservoir of your choice. You simply need a water container with a minimum 30 litre capacity and a flat based gardening tray with a minimum depth of 30mm.