A beginners guide to potting up an AutoPot

Potting up the AutoPot system is simple and easy.  Follow these simple steps to success.
  1. Place the black marix square into the pot
  2. Fill 2.5-5cm at the base of the pot with washed pea gravel, perlite or expanded clay balls.  No higher than 5cm
  3. Fill the reminder of the pot with the soil / coco / perlite mix or Clay ball mix of your choice.  
  4. Transplant the young plant into the pot
  5. Water the young plant outside of the tray and allow to drain for 15minutes
  6. Clean the bottom and side of the pots
  7. Place the copper / gold Root Control Disk into the tray - Gold side up
  8. Place in the AutoPot tray
  9. Top water / feed for the first 7-10 days to allow the plants to establish
  10. Once established turn the system on

Only good clean mineral fertilisers should be used in the AutoPot reservoir. Thick organic fertilisers will block the plumbing and valves.  If you wish to grow organically please check out How to grow organically using AutoPot