An excellent tool for both beginner and seasoned gardeners!

The AutoPot Tray2Grow is designed to make watering your plants more efficient and hassle-free. 


  1. Versatility: The Tray2Grow kit is the most versatile in the AutoPot range. It’s suitable for various cultivation methods, from seed trays to pots or growbags. Whether you're cultivating plants indoors or outdoors, this system adapts effectively.

  2. Components: The kit includes:

    • A long tray
    • Four seed trays
    • Capillary matting
    • A copper impregnated root control sheet (which can be machine washed)
    • The AquaValve with capillary spikes, pipework, and filters to allow plants to gradually draw up water.

  3. Setup and Leveling: Getting the system level is crucial for proper functioning. The kit comes with three spirit levels that slot into the base tray, making it easier to adjust.

  4. Watering Efficiency: Once set up, the capillary matting keeps consistently damp. The plants control the watering frequency depending on the conditions.

  5. Maintenance: Checking the water reservoir every few days is necessary, although a larger container would reduce the frequency.  We have used this as a holiday watering system, putting our indoor pot plants on it when we went away for a week.

AutoPot Tray2Grow is an easy-to-use, effective watering solution that lives up to its claims.  It's an excellent tool for both beginner and seasoned gardeners.

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