Easy2Grow extension Kit
Easy2Grow extension Kit

Easy2Grow extension Kit

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Why stop at 2 pots?  The Easy2Grow range can be expanded as required with an additional twin tray holding two 8.5L pots.

The AutoPot range is the ideal self watering system for use in the home, greenhouse, poly-tunnel or garden to feed and water your plants. The AutoPot self watering range offers an easy and efficient watering system for anything you fancy to grow without the need for power.  The system is environmentally friendly and as there is no exposed water the system helps reduce evaporation and conserves water. 

Regardless of what soil type you wish to grow with the AutoPot system enables gardeners and growers of all abilities to achieve incredible results from their plants.

Once assembled, the tank is filled with water and if required, liquid fertiliser. The system can completely take care of all your plant’s feeding requirements, providing them with fresh, balanced feed throughout their entire life cycle.